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<p><strong>David Zhang</strong> is a founding managing partner of Matrix Partners China, a leading venture capital fund, and oversees all its China operations. Previously, he was the managing director and Beijing office head for WI Harper, another venture capital firm, where he oversaw all investments, portfolio management and operations in both life sciences and IT in China. David joined WI Harper in late 2001 as an associate in the San Francisco office and moved back to China in 2003. Prior to joining WI Harper, he spent time at ABN AMRO Capital and before that at Salomon Smith Barney, the investment banking arm of Citicorp. He also contributed to studies at UCSF as a research associate and participated in the High Throughput Genotyping Project for multiple sclerosis for the Department of Neurology. David was born in Shanghai, grew up in the United States and holds a MS in Biotechnology and Business from Northwestern University and a BS in Biology and Chemistry from California State University, San Francisco.</p>
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Founding Managing Partner, Matrix Partners China
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