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Boom with No Bust
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We're riding this wave as it becomes bigger and bigger...

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<p>So from my parents' age, you know, right around early 60s, I think they missed the boom completely. You know, they&rsquo;re not a participant, they're only sort of witness to it? You know? Maybe because the boom only happened in the past um 15, 20 years, maybe even 50 yrs.<br /> <br /> So to a large extent, they have kind of missed it. The younger people, you know, I think the people who are in the 30s, to 45, or 50s, they're the active, they're the biggest contributors and participants of the boom. People like me, you know in their mid 30s, you know, we're in the thick of it, and we're just lucky, you know.<br /> <br /> We're riding this wave as it becomes bigger and bigger, and you're taking advantage of you know, the market, you're taking advantage of your prior experience, whether it's from the US or domestically, you're at an age that you know...this is...the sky is the limit.<br /> <br /> Um, for the people who are in the 20s, or even younger, I think um, you know, they're seeing a whole different view about China, and they're probably a lot more capitalistic than US or Europe than you can imagine.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> So they're coming in with a very different view, they don't have the baggage of the know, the turmoil, the conflicts, you know, the downturn. So to an extent, they may be too confident, they may be too cocky, and they may be a little bit ill prepared, because many of them are being the only child, the single child. You know, have led a very sheltered life.</p>
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Zhang compares the boom generation to that of his parents'.