Winners And Losers

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Winners and Losers
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Social conflicts will--already have--become bigger and bigger.

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<p>I feel that the main characteristics about the past 30 years are first, China wants to survive. How can China withstand? This is the main narrative. And this struggle for survival includes both the political party and the nation's chance of persistence.<br /> <br /> Basically, this is the initial motive. And then after, because of Reform and Opening, a large number of interest groups formed, how to transfer wealth in a state-owned, public-owned country into the hands of some individuals. This process is like the vigor of a cancer, it grows very fast on its own, so I feel, basically, this is the situation.

China's future is very bleak, but I don&rsquo;t know about the world. Because China... it's a society completely without ideals. In the past 30 years, no legitimate status or legitimate social structure has been established. It&rsquo;s not a society run by rule of law, and there is no real, so called, equality or social justice. The most basic kind of moral constraints are not there.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> So it's still a very dangerous society. Those who have benefited are from inside the CCP. I think their behavior is predatory, rapidly transferring public resources into the hands of some individuals or interest groups. And what is sacrificed is the environment, the interests of the farmers and the common people, education... Also, national resources, energy, loss in massive scale. And as such, social conflicts will, already has, become bigger and bigger.</p>
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