Michael Anti

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<p><strong>Michael Anti</strong>, a Nanjing native, is a Chinese columnist, journalist on international affairs and independent blogger. While his background is in not in journalism, Anti began posting political commentary on his own blog in 2001, promoting the ideas of free speech and free press in China. He became famous in 2005 when his blog was deleted by Microsoft at the urging of the Chinese government.</p> <p>Anti has worked at various news outlets including <em>The New York Times</em>, <em>The Washington Post</em>, and the <em>21st Century World Herald</em>. He was selected to be a Wolfson Press Fellow at Cambridge and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard. In 2009, he was selected by Asia Society to join the <a href="http://asiasociety.org/asia21-young-leaders/">Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative</a>.</p> <p>Anti graduated from Nanjing Normal University in 1995 with a degree in Industrial Electrical Automation.</p>
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Civil Society
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