The Resurgent Elite Legitimized Deng's Government

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From Mao to Deng
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Their passion and support absolutely gave the CCP a second legitimacy.

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<p>The Cultural Revolution had forced all of the social elites to the bottom of society. So, when Deng Xiaoping gave these people the opportunity to re-enter the social elite, their passion and support absolutely gave the CCP a second legitimacy. It gave them them a second chance to rule China. The National Higher Education Entrance Examinations of 1977 and 1978 played a very important role in maintaining social mobility and bringing local elites to society. As long as you can reach the majority of the elite, to ensure them that you are still the heads of this country, they will put out incredible passion. Their philosophy is pragmatic, they don't have a strong ideology, no strong beliefs. If they feel hope, they will contribute all their enthusiasm. So, the most important factor is that the whole social elite considers the country to be their own country, since they have found opportunity.</p>
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Michael Anti talks about how Deng Xiaoping won the enduring loyalty of the elite, who were suppressed during the Cultural Revolution, with his reforms.