Barry Naughton

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<p><strong>Barry Naughton</strong> is a Professor of Chinese Economy at the University of California, San Diego. Naughton is an authority on the Chinese economy, with an emphasis on issues relating to industry, trade, finance, and China's transition to a market economy. Recent research focuses on regional economic growth in the People's Republic of China and the relationship between foreign trade and investment and regional growth. He is also completing a general textbook on the Chinese economy. Recently completed projects have focused on Chinese trade and technology, in particular, the relationship between the development of the electronics industry in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the growth of trade and investment among those economies. His book, <em>Growing Out of the Plan: Chinese Economic Reform</em>, 1978-1993, which was published in 1995, is a comprehensive study of China's development from a planned to a market economy that traces the distinctive strategy of transition followed by China, as well as China's superior growth performance. It received the Ohira Memorial Prize in 1996. Naughton was named to the Sokwanlok Chair in Chinese International Affairs at UCSD in 1998.</p>
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Professor of Chinese Economics
The Americas
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