Chen Qi

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<p><strong>Chen Qi</strong> is one of the founders of, a leading social networking site for teens in China. In 2001, Chen graduated from Beijing Normal University with a degree in Economics. Following his graduation, Chen became a journalist at China Central Television, the state owned news station, and holds the distinction of having been the first network journalist to report from the Advanced Base Camp of Mount Everest, at an elevation of over 21000 feet above sea level. After leaving CCTV, Chen served as the communications director for Conservation International in China.</p> <p> was started in 2007, and as of Jan 2008 there were more than 22 million people using 360Quan each month. Following Koolanoo Group's investment in 360Quan, Chen became the chief operating officer of Koolanoo Group, a post he holds today. 
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Chief Operating Officer, Koolanoo Group
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