Bi-khim Hsiao

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<p><strong>Bi-khim Hsiao</strong>, a member of Taiwan 's Legislative Yuan, was born in Kobe, Japan and grew up in Tainan, a city in southern Taiwan. She received an MA in Political Science from Columbia University, and a BA in East Asian Studies from Oberlin College before becoming active in Taiwanese politics over a decade ago.</p> <p>Hsiao, who was involved in President Chen Shui-bian's 2000 and 2004 presidential campaigns as a spokesperson and international affairs director, became an advisor to President Chen in 2000 and was first elected to the legislature in December 2001.</p> <p>As a member of the Foreign Relations Committee since her tenure in the 5th Legislature, Hsiao has been regarded as a strong and respected diplomat by her colleagues in the Legislative Yuan and by the foreign diplomatic community. Hsiao has placed great emphasis on human and civil rights issues including gender equality, immigrant rights, privacy rights, and gay rights.</p> <p>In 2006, she was selected by Asia Society to join the <a href="">Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative</a>.</p>
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Congresswoman, Taiwan
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