China is a Maturing Dancer

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Making Room for China
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It is only when you reach a certain age, when you have some life experience, can you transform every movement beyond standard poses that others taught you.

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<p>So these thirty years were thirty years of growth. How should I put it? In the first few years, the country suddenly opened up, reform and opening presented us a great opportunity. We just came back to the stage after the Cultural Revolution, after ten years' suppression, our artistic energy erupted at once. That was an extremely flourishing period. So looking back at the thirty years since reform and opening, this thirty year road is like the career of a dancer. Like I said before, a thirty-year-old dancer is one who begins to know how to dance. A young dancer is pretty, with a long neck, a precious face, and elongated arms posing like this, but I'm already putting my feelings into the pose, the pose looks beautiful. But there's no personality or substance. It is only when you reach a certain age, when you have some life experience, can you transform every movement beyond&nbsp; standard poses that others taught you. Now you are mastering the art. You are mature now. So one starts to know how to dance when one reaches thirty.<br /> <br /> So I think of this thirty-years of reform and opening as a process. It started with an eruption of energy, and there was some confusion along the way. Sometimes we were sidetracked, for example, thinking too much about money and forgetting about art, and the market was not regulated, or the market was not regulated, and other problems, all affected our creations. Later, people realized the problems and started to reflect on them. They began to look back, and returned to the path of finding true art, true self, true artistic style, true individual expression. In the end, what is dance? In this process of searching, one becoming a mature dancer. I think this thirty years is really worth going through.<br /> <br /> As to the next thirty years, I think because we have the past thirty years, now we matured into adults. Chinese people have a saying, at 30 I know where I stand, at 40 I have no more doubts, at 50 I know life&rsquo;s purpose. So for Chinese people, after this thirty years we've just learned to stand on our feet. It is only a beginning. Our 40s, 50s and 60s should be our golden age. Of course, when people mature, they do wonderful things.</p>
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