China Still Has Many Places to Develop

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Making Room for China
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"...we still have good future with Chinese even more 20 years coming."

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<p>So I would say, shoe business, I would never leave that business because of the arts. I still want to go on, even now I'm doing logistic business by air, by sea. Ok, but I still will go back to that shoeline, but now because of the economic crisis in Nigeria, and a lot of Chinese flood into the market, the high demand of people goes down and because of our country policy that some of the items, like shoes, is contraband in Nigeria. <br /> <br /> It makes me to slow down like in Cotonou, Togo, Guinea, Ghana, Nigerians are using their seaports. Nigerians developed Togo because of banned goods in Nigeria. Nigerians developed Cotonou because of banned goods in Nigeria. I believe that I still have good future in China. That is why I am working hard for my community to have good relationship with Chinese and Asia even in business, even in government. Because we still have good future with Chinese even more 20 years coming.</p>
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Emmanuel Ojukwa talks about why he will not leave the shoe business.