Yoichi Funabashi

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<p><strong>Yoichi Funabashi</strong> is editor-in-chief and columnist for the <em>Asahi Shimbun</em>. He is also a contributing editor at Washington-based <em>Foreign Policy</em>. In 1985, he received the Vaughn-Ueda Prize for his reporting on international affairs. He won the Japan Press Award, known as Japan's &quot;Pulitzer Prize,&quot; in 1994 for his columns on foreign policy, and his articles in <em>Foreign Affairs</em> and <em>Foreign Policy</em> won the Ishibashi Tanzan Prize in 1992.&nbsp;He has taught at the University of Tokyo&rsquo;s Public Policy Institute, Korea University, and Asia-Pacific University.</p> <p>Funabashi's civic engagements include: member of the Trilateral Commission; international trustee, Asia Society; editorial board member of the <em>The Washington Quarterly</em> (CSIS); member, Government Commission for Reform of the Foreign Ministry; and the Prime Minister&rsquo;s Commission on Japan&rsquo;s Goals in the 21st Century. He received his BA from the University of Tokyo in 1968 and his Ph.D. from Keio University in 1992. He was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University (1975-76), a visiting fellow at the Institute for International Economics (1987) a Donald Keene Fellow at Columbia University (2003), and a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo Public Policy Institute (2005-2006).</p>
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Editor-in-Chief, Asahi Shimbun
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