Mao Yushi

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<p><strong>Mao Yushi</strong>, is the chairman of Beijing's Unirule Institute of Economics. In 1958, he was labeled a rightist and later was sent to labor at the Datong Locamotive factory during the Cultural Revolution. In 1975, he started research in Macroeconomics and in 1979 he worked out the mathematical method of the Principle of Optimal Allocation. Professor Mao currently holds various titles including: certified consultant for the Asia Development Bank; consulting editor for the China Economic Review; and Honorary Professor at Mineral College in Shandong, Foreign Language and Trade University in Guangdong, and Northwest University in Xi'an. Professor Mao has run a poverty alleviation mini-credit foundation in Shanxi since 1993, and a Vocational Training School since 2003 for rural girls seeking employment in Beijing.&nbsp; Mao&rsquo;s areas of research focus on institutional economics, energy and environmental economics, transportation, policies on economic reform and poverty alleviation.</p>
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Chairman, Unirule Institute of Economics
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