Kaiser Kuo

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<p><strong>Kaiser Kuo</strong> is an American-born writer, rock musician, technology watcher and cultural commentator. He is currently director of international communications, responsible for international media relations under the Investor Relations group at Baidu.com, China's leading search engine.&nbsp;He is a former consultant for China's leading Internet video site, Youku.com, where he focused on international trade marketing, media relations and multinational advertiser/agency relations. In his one-and-a-half decades in China, he has worked as a technology and business writer for such publications as <em>Time</em>, <em>China Economic Review</em>, <em>Asia Inc</em>., and the <em>South China Morning Post</em>.</p> <p>Kuo is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and holds an MA in East Asian Studies from the University of Arizona. Kuo was co-founder and lead guitarist of one of China's earliest and most successful rock bands, Tang Dynasty. He continues to be active in Beijing's rock scene as lead guitarist of Chunqiu. He lives in Beijing with his wife and two young children.</p>
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Director of International Communications, Baidu.com
Civil Society
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