Zhou Tianyong

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<p><strong>Zhou Tianyong</strong>, born in 1958 in Min He County in Qinghai province, is the vice director of Research at the Party School of the Communist Party of China's Central Committee (CPCCC). He is a professor of Economics at the Beijing University of Technology and also an expert pricing consultant for the National Development and Reform Commission.&nbsp;</p> <p>Zhou studied investment banking at Dongbei University of Finance, graduating in 1984. He remained at the university, beginning PhD studies in 1989, under the supervision of Professor Wang Xiangchun. Since completing his doctorate in 1992, Zhou has been working and conducting research at the Party School of the CPCCC since 1994. He specializes in and has published numerous articles on Socialist economic theories, macroeconomics, economic development and growth, labor economics, financial risk, and urban and rural economies.</p>
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Vice Director for Research, Party School of the Communist Party of China
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