Environmental Responsibility in Guanghan

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Greening the Boom
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We cannot sacrifice the interests of future generations for economic development today.

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<p>Deng Xiaoping said that the policies of the Reform and Opening would not change within 100 years. It has only been 30 years up to this point. I believe that after at least this 100 years has passed, we can again discuss future development. I am confident that things are only going to get better and better, because so long as a person's lifestyle or regime has reached a certain level, it is impossible to make them accept anything less. If people normally eat good food at dinner and you want to make them regress to a very basic lifestyle, no person will be willing to do this, to say nothing of a whole country. I think the reform and opening policy is correct and is really consistent with China's present and future development. It also is consistent with the people&rsquo;s will and the trend of world economic development. I became Mayor in late 2002. Since 2002, our local fiscal revenue has gone up 337% and the per capita incomes of urban and rural residents have increased by 49.8% and 67.6% respectively. There is no way that this trend of development could be stopped by whomever is Mayor. Because it has already embedded itself deeply in the hearts of the people: If you don't develop, you will become backwards. If you don't work hard, you will fall behind the others. So, China has already created a development situation where people are eager to develop and afraid to be left behind. At the same time, we are very aware of environmental problems. We cannot sacrifice the interests of future generations for economic development today. Every year, we, in accordance with the developmental goals and assessment criteria of the central government and Sichuan Province, scientifically plan the design of our industrial development in order to instructively motivate sensible layouts for enterprises, in order to mitigate the risk of any pollution that may be created by the development of these enterprises harming future generations. Environmental performance has been directly integrated into the criteria for evaluating the performance of a mayor. If any serious environmental incident occurred, I would absolutely be the first person to be removed from my post. I bear the utmost responsibility for protecting the environment in our city. Overall, we recognized that a win-win situation is essential to our development. I have confidence, and 590,000 citizens have confidence, in the future of reform and opening in our country.</p>
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Jiang Jianjun talks about the link between development and environmental protection. She notes how she and her colleagues have come to realize that while encouraging economic development, they must pay attention to the environment.