US and China Are in the Same Boat

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Making Room for China
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The US and China, the world, is in the same boat.

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<p>There is a social theorist named Giovanni Arrighi, he is teaching at Johns Hopkins. He has a book that was recently published; the title is very interesting, it is &ldquo;Adam Smith in Beijing.&rdquo; And he says Western Europe benefited from China and India in the past, benefited from the world system centered in Asia in the last millennium. But, now, the current world system is built and protected by America that China is part of this system. China benefits from this system. I think he&rsquo;s very right, he&rsquo;s a true thinker on that. He realizes, not a single country can escape from globalization, it&rsquo;s a fact you have to take. Now of course, it&rsquo;s upon yourself [to decide] how to utilize the chances and opportunities that presented by globalization, and China, somehow, has taken full advantage of this round of globalization. So, my opinion is that China benefits from the current world system, and the US and China, the world, is in the same boat. I do not like the idea of delinking China from the world system. Of course, there&rsquo;s a strong voice in China trying to say that China should delink from the world system. I think that&rsquo;s a very short-sighted view.</p>
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Yao Yang talks about globalization and China's place in the world economic system.