A Blind Man Riding on The Back of Blind Tigers

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Information Revolution
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<p>15 years ago, I came to Seattle. It was my first trip to the States, first time in my life I touched a keyboard and computers, first time in my life I connected to the internet, the first time I decided to leave as a teacher and start a company, called Chinapages.com. And that was the first internet company in China, and at that time I called myself a blind man riding on the back of blind tigers. Without knowing anything about technology or computers, I started the first company. And after 4 years of terrible experience, we failed and 10 years ago, I came back again with my CFO Joseph Tsai, who's here today. We came to the Silicon Valley, with the dreams that we have a dream for Alibaba, we wanted to help SMEs in China and the world to do business online. We believe the internet is a really great place for business and we call it Alibaba because we want &quot;open sesame&quot; for SMEs, small and medium sized companies. We came here looking for venture capitalists. After 2 weeks, we were rejected by all the venture capitalists because they think, &quot;Well, it won't work, because how can you do e-commerce in China? How can you do internet in China? What are you talking about b2b and b2c? Too early for China.&quot; We were not disappointed. We were inspired by the Silicon Valley spirit, the American dreams. I remember that every evening when I walked on the street, I saw the traffic in Silicon Valley, the road to San Francisco, lined with traffic. And every evening when I go to Silicon Valley it's lined with lights, people working day and night. And every Saturday when I went, I couldn't even find a parking spot, because people were working hard on the weekends.</p>
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Jack Ma talks about the beginning of his career in the internet industry.