Deng Understood That the World Had Changed

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From Mao to Deng
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Deng understood that the world had changed.

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<p>I could read Marshall Chen Yi's emotions. &quot;You guys come to China, you may invade China. The Soviets from the north, India from the west and America and Chiang Kai-shek from the south. We are ready. My hair is going grey. I am waiting for that moment.&quot; That kind of statement was indicative of the state of mind of the Chinese leadership. In 1978, in China, we had such an important meeting, the Third Plenum. We decided to focus on the economy, on the modernization. That was a big change, a strategic turning point. In a way, Deng Xiaoping understood that the world had changed.</p>
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Wu Jianmin explains how China went from being an isolationist country struggling to remain in existence, in 1965, to an open, economically and globally focused country in 1978.